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There are times during a medical consultation when we are afraid to ask questions pertaining to our illness. This situation is quite common. We walk in and out of the doctor's chamber without realizing the consultation is over. The reasons are manifold. Usually, the culprit is the feeling that our queries (and possibly we ourselves) may be thought of as silly or outright absurd. Other influences that prevent healthy 'doctor - patient' discussions include shyness, deficient medical knowledge, fear of a poor prognosis and lack of an accompanying mate.
Importantly though at times, foolish as it may seem, we refrain from seeking answers on account of the unfounded assumption that the consultation bill will be directly proportional to the time wasted in asking questions! Rest assured doctors are human too. They run through a plethora of emotions in keeping up the balancing act between how much to disclose, how far to reassure and how best to treat. They are trained never to ridicule, instead, to accept all human questions as an opportunity to dispel the dark of ignorance with the warm glow of experience and informed medical knowledge. 'Online Medical' aims at being such a mentor.

Online Answers To Medical Questions

Here's a breakthrough for most of us who are caught up in the complicity of the above situation. 'Online Medical Advisor ' is a novel website dedicated to providing comprehensive online medical and healthcare information while caressing your privacy the best we can. No more embarrassments, awkwardness and doubt. 'Online Medical Advisor' dispels your uncertainties on medical disorders and at the same time provides holistic online medical knowledge in the way that doctors look at diseases. Indeed, consulting 'Online' is akin to having a doctor in the family. This website offers cutting edge free online medical advice, answers to your pressing medical questions, recent advances in treatments and in depth answers to the how's and why's of medical conditions.
In fact, 'Online Medical Advisor' is like a surrogate personal medical and healthcare advisor, helping you arm yourself with online solutions to medical dilemmas, thereby keeping you prepared with what to ask and expect from your treating physicians. Today it's mayhem of modern medicine with an array of ever increasing terminologies and treatments. Our unique search strategy has sorted this out by finding the most popular medical conditions for which the patient community seeks a solution.


Our website hopes to be a good health advisor and provide answers for a large number of your medical questions. Currently we cover the following topics.
Weight loss - Fight Obesity, the slow poison.
Alopecia - Advice on how to sustain scanty scalp hair.
Hypertension- In depth information on cardiovascular pathology and this omnipresent condition.
Women's Healthcare - HRT in Menopause, Endometrial Hyperplasia and Pregnancy testing.
Men's Healthcare- Sexual health in Male Erectile Dysfunction, Prostatism in BPH.
Mental Health - Depression, suicidal risk and anti-depressants.
Epilepsy - Work your way through the maze of convulsion control medication.
Rheumatoid Arthrits- Pain relief for chronically ill joints.
Eczema - Elucidate this enigmatic skin condition.
Gastrointestinal Reflux disorder (GERD)- Quench your heartburns with in depth solutions.
High Cholesterol - Advice on living with large amount of lipids in the bloodstream.
Infections- Know more about infections from horrendous Herpes to the benign Common Cold.
Migraine - Learn about its headache, aura and remedies.


In living up to its reputation of providing free online medical advice, '' will update itself periodically to include on demand, more medical topics in the future. We also plan to start an interactive section called "Ask The Doctor", wherein expert medical advise will be provided free of cost to guide you with your medical concerns. All your medical questions will be answered for free.

Disclaimer: This site only provides medical information, it does not attempt to treat or cure any patient. The information presented herein is purely advice to help guide you in making informed decisions in consultation with your treating doctor. Always consult your doctor before taking any medications or making lifestyle changes based upon the information provided in this website.